Who is Diversity Alliance Trading Association (DATA International)?

We (a.k.a. DATA International) are a nonprofit trade association coalition that advocate compliance on the behalf of several Diversity nonprofit organizations that usually are underserved and underutilized in the government process.  This association is a consolidated VOICE for the business diversity nonprofit organizations membership base, that would assist and support access to the Federal Government administration, Legislators and Federal Government procurement processes.

Who can Join the DATA?

A primary member shall be a certified nonprofit organization which also includes their membership base.  If any indvidual member signup here on this site, they will also have access to our independent preferred collaborative approved association.

What are some benefits of DATA?

Some of the benefits includes:

  • Group Insurance rate
  • 401k
  • Legal Support Services
  • TeleHealth Support Services
  • Financial Support Services

Why should you become a member of DATA?

First, it takes a "TEAM" to become and maintain success.  Our trade association coalition assist with compliance, bidding tools, networking with buyers and teaming with other vendors.  Also, our trade association provides additional professional support that may help your business grow.

What are some of the tools available for members?

Some of the tools are:

  • Bidding tools access to local, state and federal buyers.  Also, the government prime contractors that seek diversity compliance.
  • Auction
  • Procurement Matching services
  • CEO Roundtable

Are there any support resources?

Yes, there are more resources available such as Legal, Finance, CPA Support services, CEO Roundtable and much more.

Are there any special discounts and incentives available for members?

Yes, there are special discounts and incentives.  For example, the group insurance plans offer major discounts on products and services by our approved affiliate licensed certified independent agents.